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The attendance at the September 17th worship service was 74.

The flowers gracing the altar for the September 24th worship service are presented to the glory of God and in memory of my father, Clarence M. Myers, who's birthday would have been September 22nd by Rev. Gerald Myers.

Today we welcome our new members to St. Thomas Lutheran Church:  Elizabeth "Beth" Croyle, Dan & Susan Glass, Mike King, Devon Kintner, Diane Lohr, David & Cindy Nihoff, and Floyd & Linda Thomas.  To bring a new member into our congregation is an exceptional blessing and we look forward to sharing our faith in the Lord with you!

Our Annual Congregational Meeting is scheduled for November 12th after worship.  Nominations for new council and grove committee members will be held after worship on October 29th. 

All committee reports for the congregational meeting are due to the secretary by October 23rd.  Please be sure to have them turned in so the booklets may be made available to the congregation ahead of the meeting.

We would like to wish our beloved Pastor Myers a Happy 80th Birthday today!  Your faith, generosity, and love of God are admirable qualities that we could all strive to duplicate!  Thank you for all that you do for St. Thomas!

The October schedule for acolytes, lectors, communion assistants, and offering counters is posted on the bulletin board.  Please be sure to check the schedule if you volunteer for any of these.

The Mid-Northeast Mission District Convocation will be held on October 21st at Trinity Lutheran, Bedford.  The key note speaker is Rev. Amy Little, NALC General Secretary.  There is a sign-up sheet on the table in the narthex for anyone interested in attending.  There is no cost to attend!  Additional details are posted on the bulletin board.

At the Mid-Northeast Mission District Convocation, the NALC Disaster Relief Team will be collecting items for health kits (but ALL donations will be greatly appreciated!)  There is a paper on the table in the narthex with items needed.  If you would like to donate, please bring your items to the church and place them in the choir room.

Harvest Home and Blanket Sunday will be October 8th.  We are asking for donations of store bought food items that will be given to St. Francis Sharing & Caring.  Please place your food items on the altar rail.  Also be sure to check your food items for expiration dates.  We can't donate expired food.

This fall a Sunday School class for Young Adults will be formed.  Those in their 20's, 30's, and 40's are invited to attend.  They will gather in the Youth Room after worship (and after getting coffee and snacks in the Pastor Shaffer room).  The start date will be October 1st.

Our fall Bible study will begin on Wednesday, September 27th, at 7:00 p.m. and will go on for 6 weeks.  We will pick up the Gospel of John where we left off in the spring.  If you could not attend in the spring, please come and join us anyway.  We have a lot of fun while learning more about the Bible.

The Women of the North American Church Mid-Northeast Mission District Fall Gathering will be held on Saturday, November 11th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Salem Lutheran Church, 26 Clarion Street, Smicksburg, PA.  Registration is $10.  Please RSVP by October 28th to Lane Magera at or (847) 714-3876.

The dates for the Turkey Dinner and Pork & Sauerkraut/Ethnic Dinner have been changed.  The Turkey Dinner will now be held on September 30th and the Pork & Sauerkraut/Ethnic Dinner will be held on October 28th.  More information will be coming in the future!

A mission trip from our mission district is planned for October 15--20 to Lost Creek, Ky.  The cost will be $150.00 per person to cover food and other expenses.  If interested, please let Pastor Nila know or contact Pastor Joyce Dix-Weiers by phone or text at 412-817-3988.

The committee for our churches' 150th anniversary is working on a new pictorial directory of church members and plans to have it in print in time for the anniversary celebration.  The committee is very pleased at the response from our congregation!  We will be setting up more dates for pictures soon.  Please check the sign-up sheet in the narthex as additional dates become available.

Upcoming dates:

September 27--Fall Bible Study--7:00 p.m.

September 30--Turkey Dinner @ the Grove

October 1--Young Adult Sunday school class begins--after worship

October 8--Harvest Home & Blanket Sunday

                      Catechism--5:15 p.m.

                      Luther League--6:30 p.m.

October 15--20--Mission Trip to Lost Creek, Ky.

October 21--Mid-Northeast Mission District Convocation, Trinity Lutheran, Bedford

October 28--Pork & Sauerkraut/Ethnic Dinner @ the Grove

October 29--Reformation Sunday

November 5--All Saints Sunday, remembering those who have entered the church 


All contributions given to missionary will now be directed to Heart for Mission.  This is a mission group run by the Thorstad family in Laos/Thailand.  If you would like more information, please see their website

The Food Service committee met on February 5th and made plans to have the following dinners:  April 9--Sunrise Breakfast, April 22--Italian Dinner, May 16--Election Day Soup & Gob Sale, May 20--Picnic Dinner, August 19--Roast Beef Dinner, September 30--Turkey Dinner, October 28--Pork, Sauerkraut, Haluski, etc...(ethnic) Dinner.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  More specific information as to the cost of dinner, when and what help is needed, etc... will be announced closer to each event.  Money raised from these events will be given to the church's 150 Project.

For this year, a lasting memorial will be made to the 150 Fund in memory of the deceased member for the amount of $50.00.  This is in lieu of flowers sent to the funeral home.



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